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3D Sensations HD

0.99 usd

3D Sensations HD - beautiful three dimensional torus objects moving with incredible real-time calculated effects such as: - reflections, - shadows, - shape transformations, - 'waxed' background. You have the ability to control plenty of the visual appearance aspects, such as shape radius, deformation, texture, and number of knots. Play with the shape (p,q) factors and discover how they determine the torus form. The wallpaper has been optimized to be battery efficient. It can auto-adjust level details to provide an optimal exeperience without draining the battery. It is compatible with phones and tablets (including HD resolutions) in both portrait and landscape modes. Please note that this is not a pre-rendered movie playing. Rather, it's a real-time calculated 3D OpenGL 2.0 animation. How to open it Home -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers -> Select 3D Sensations from the list Email us should you experience any problems with the wallpaper. Please don't forget to include your device model and a brief description of the problem.